A dance-like visual tribute to quantum physics called Color Force was presented to attendees of the Centre of Advanced Applied Sciences (CAAS) gala assembly at the Ark Theatre. A recording of the performance is now available online. As well as a short clip of the entire afternoon and evening.
The programme was introduced by Prof. Igor Jex, Director of CAAS, and Assoc. Jaroslav Bielčík, who is the head of the Particle Physics Research Program (PARTPHYS) within CAAS. One of his outputs is the dance performance of Color Force. It was created within the framework of the Language in Communication between Science, Art and the Public sub-programme led by Roman Berka, Director of the Institute of Intermedia at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Scientific lectures
prof. academic sculp.Marian Karel and doc. Josef Šafařík: Interpretation of multimedia content within the format of an artwork
prof. Tomáš Čechák: Application of ionizing radiation in cultural heritage
Prof. Igor Jex: Fractals and quantum information
prof. Akad. arch. Vladimír Soukenka: The relationship between science and art

Color Force
Concept, video projection: Veronika Švábová
Concept, lighting design: Tomáš Morávek
Sound: Philippe Leforestiére
Technical production: Petr Kiška
Interpretation: Marta Vodenková, Lea Švejdová, Jana Látalová

The CAAS gala assembly and evening programme Dialogue of Science and Art, which took place on 4 November 2021, is part of the project of the Centre of Advanced Applied Science (CAAS) under the number CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_019/0000778. CAAS is co-funded by the European Union.