The interaction between things and artists has the power to enrich all involved. This is why the PARTPHYS (Particle Physics) research programme of the Centre for Advanced Applied Science (CAAS) project has created a sub-programme Language for Science-Art-Public Communication.

It brings together particle physicists from the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering at the CTU in Prague (FNSPE) with their colleagues from the Institute of Intermedia at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the CTU in Prague (FEE) and sculptors from the Faculty of Architecture at the CTU in Prague (FA). One of the main outcomes of these meetings, during which the participants got to know each other’s areas of interest and each other, is the artwork Tabula Rasa. This roughly three-metre high glass object communicating with its surroundings was invented and prepared by Prof. Marian Karel and Assoc. Josef Šafařík. Originally it was to be installed near the National Technical Library, and thus in the wider grounds of the CTU, but administrative and technical problems forced all involved to look for another space. Now it seems that the artefact will be placed near the FJFI building in Děčín.

The process of preparation of the artefact and other activities within the sub-programme Language for Science-Art-Public Communication is also summarised in an electronic publication, which can be downloaded (pdf in Czech, 13 MB).