At the end of October 2019, Google (through an article in Nature) announced that it had reached the so-called quantum superiority, the moment when a quantum computer works much faster than a supercomputer of classical architecture.

Virtually all the media brought the Google success story as well as the reaction of probably the biggest competitor in quantum computing – IBM. Czech Television invited prof. Igor Jex, Dean of the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague (FNSPE) and one of the leading Czech experts in quantum technology, among others a member of the Strategic Advisory Board of the QuantERA European Research Project to the Studio CT24 (reportage at 0:17:39).

However, quantum computer technology is still in its infancy and its practical use is still remote. At the FNSPE, quantum technology is an important part of research and study. It is also a part of the CAAS project, where quantum optics and quantum information make one of the sub-programs of the Mathematics, Mathematical Physics and Theoretical Research program (THEORY).